Hollywood Trailer

Hollywood Trailer

Hollywood Trailer is an instrumental piece with a symphonic orchestra, epic percussion and dark synths. Hybrid epic trailer music, detailed cinematic textures, sliding bass drops, processed roaring impacts. This track uses hybrid cinematic soundscape for a build-up to a big climax featuring soaring emotional strings and huge heavy drums. Variations provided make editing easier and allow to use different music episodes separately.

This track is a complete trailer soundtrack that consists of several phases:
- mystery/suspense
- – preparation/looming danger
- – – climax/emotional peak
- – – – final drop and dark epic impacts

Great for mysterious, dark, suspenseful, heroic and emotional drama/action trailers, film teasers, YouTube videos, cinematic-style commercials, video game teasers and so on.

Variations included:
1. Main version (2:22)
2. 1-minute edit (1:00) [starts at 2:19 on the preview]
3. Climax only (0:43) [at 3:18 on the preview]
4. Stinger 1 (0:07) [at 4:01 on the preview]
5. Stinger 2 (0:07) [at 4:08 on the preview]

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