Sport Fashion Energetic Pop

Sport Fashion Energetic Pop

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If you need modern energetic exciting music as in a big brands commercials, then this track is what you need!

It has a great mood and combines different music trends. It has a funky vibe and uplifting energetic melody, punchy hip-hop drums with some future bass / dubstep elements. At the same time, it remains in the format of modern commercial pop music.

Sport Fashion Energetic Pop - 3

About the structure of this track:
  • Intro – starts with a classic straight piano and chords
  • Hook – catchy trumpet melody, punchy hip-hop drums and bass, analogue synth, brass section and piano.
  • Breakdown – claps, trumpet melody, funky guitar, background female vocals
  • Hook2 – female background vocals, catchy trumpet melody, punchy hip-hop drums and bass, analogue synth, brass section and piano.
  • Outro – background vocals, piano, brass

What is this track for?

  • tv commercial, youtube commercial, brand presentation video, smartphone presentation video, car commercial video
  • sport video, motivational urban video, urban sports, fintess video, crossfit video, sports brand commercial
  • fashion advertising, lingerie commercial, urban fashion video, stylish fashion commercial
  • travel vlog, youtube vlog, youtube channel promo, contemporary dance video, high-tech channel video
After purchase you will get 2 versions:
  • Hip-Hop – main track – 2:09
  • Hip-Hop – short version – 1:18

This track sounds like jazz brass band has a jam session with modern synthesizers and a hip-hop drummer ;)

Sport Fashion Energetic Pop - 4

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Sport Fashion Energetic Pop - 5