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for Excellent music…!

Perfect Visuls Opener..


cool opener mate! like it:)

Great hip-hop stuff! my favorite style!

It`s great poject mate!:)

Excellent music

Thank you very much!:)

Did the price just go up on this?? I had this in my cart from Friday, got back in town and changed to $15 from $7?

Hello! Sorry, but it was special priсe for 4-7 days

Just beautiful! :)

Realy great job!

Excellent work!


gsr265 Purchased

heard you guys on a commercial for absolute I believe while in a cab in the NYC, amazing!

wow! cool!:)

wow!!!! what a great groove!

it’s amazing beat!!!

I wish you further promotion and a lot of sales! ;)


Cool urban sound!!!

Coooool! :)


This Music is amazing!! I was looking for background music for my project containing 15 to 20 videos. No doubt the music is amazing, but i have a pre-purchase question about how can i match the track length of this music with my videos?? As some of my videos are larger than 1.27 sec. Here is my project : https://blog.advids.co/20-video-marketing-examples-from-blockchain-applications-and-solutions/. Should i use this or you have any other beats that will match perfectly for my project?? Your guidance is appreciated!!

Thank you….

Hello! I selected tracks for you from 2.00 minutes from my portfolio: https://audiojungle.net/search/cosmonkey?length_min=2:00&referrer=homepage&utf8=%E2%9C%93

You can also buy this track and just put it in turn several times :)

hi! Tell me please, What BPM (tempo) on this music?

hi! 94 bpm:)

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! why not mention it in the description?

sorry, now i’m update this file:)

This is very nice! Well Done!