Hip-Hop For Inspiration Music Kit

Hip-Hop For Inspiration Music Kit


Hip-Hop For Inspiration Music KIT

Stylish, trendy, unobtrusive and memorable hip-hop. Made in a light vintage style with elements of old films and vinyl crackle.

Perfect for any advertising, product promo, photo collage and photo slideshow, instagram stories, promotion, commercial, advertising video, cook and food video, summer thematics, talk show, travel video, showreel video, tik tok video, fashion video, street video, clothing video, footwear advertisment, skate video, vlog, youtube vlog, youtube clip, underground culture, interview, rap video, rap interview, apartment repair videos, slow motion video, teenage video, car advetisment, car video, automobile industry video, urban and street lifestyle video, as background, 90s video and many more.

Enjoy! “Tails – No Tails”

“Tails” simply means the natural decay time of a sound after playing the last note in a song section. The tail sections provide smooth transitions and should be used in the final layout.

The “NO TAILS” song sections are designed to help you quickly and easily connect and organize the time / track for your project – just like “Music Logos!” This is especially useful for editing software that does not support tempo grids..

WAV files included in this MUSIC KIT::

    • 01_Intro – (0:10)
    • 02_Verse – (0:10)
    • 03_Verse_2 – (0:10)
    • 03_Verse_3 – (0:10)
    • 04_Verse_4 – (0:10)
    • 05_Breakdown_1 – (0:10)
    • 05_Breakdown_2 – (0:10)
    • 06_Chorus_1 – (0:10)
    • 07_Chorus_2 – (0:10)
    • 08_Chorus_3 – (0:10)
    • 09_Verse_5 – (0:10)
    • 10_Outro – (0:10)
    • 11_END – (0:05)
    DEMO – Hip-Hop For Inspiration