High Power Pack Vol 02

High Power Pack Vol 02

In this High Power Pack you get four Royalty Free Audio tracks with a total playing time of almost
15 minutes! It’s all great music for your ads, films, movies, commercials or Youtube videos without spending much money!

Notice: The preview shows only one version of each song, but all versions are included as you would buy all the single items for the full price. To listen to all variations you get, please visit the item page of each included song.

List of includes items and variations:

  • Sports Power (4 versions included) in Preview after 5:48
    Sports Power Long 1:45
    Sports Power Short 0:23
    Sports Power Short With Ignition FX 0:23
    Sports Power Short with Crashing Intro & Ignition FX 0:30
  • Heavy Space (4 Versions included) in Preview after 7:34
    Heavy Space Short Intro 1:29 (with Short Intro)
    Heavy Space Long Intro 1:32 (same with Guitar in Intro)
    Heavy Space with SFX Short Intro 1:32 (same version with Special Effects)
    Heavy Space with SFX Long Intro 1:32 (same like above with Guitar in Intro)
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