High Power Epic Trailers Pack

High Power Epic Trailers Pack

No matter how big is your project – it always deserve professional work!

Hi-Gain and Epic pack with 4 song ready for your trailers, openers, intros, extreme sport videos and many more!

Symphonic rock, industrial, hard rock, nu metal … everything in this one unique pack!


Epic Symphonic Rock Intro – 1:04 (0:00 – 1:04 – in Preview)

High Energy rock symphonic intro in the style of “Nightwish” with orchestra, choirs, smashing guitars, bass and drums.

Perfect for your movie introductions, animations, logos, trailers, videos, openings, sport videos, tv, commercials, radio spots, titles or credits …

Two version included:
  • Full version (dur. 1:04)
  • Version without introduction (dur. 0:45)

Loaded Gun – 1:13 (1:04 – 2:16 – in Preview)

Grunge and heavy song with acoustic guitar on the beginning and grunge distorted bass, fuzzy electric guitars, dark and heavy drums and a heavy moog synth motive!

Great for your action openers, trailers, animations and many more!

2 versions included:
  • Full version (dur. 1:13)
  • Short version (dur. 0:45)

Epic Power Cinematic Trailer – 1:25 (2:16 – 3:41 – in Preview)

Very dramatic and power cinematic trailer with Orchestra, Electric guitars, Slapping Bass, Cinematic SFX and great buildup in the beginning!

Percfect for your movies, video games, animatins, sport events, openings, credits and many more!

Give some power to your projects!

2 Versions included:
  • Full lenght version (dur. 1:25)
  • Shorter version (dur. 0:50)

Heavy Industrial ock Opener – 0:55 (3:41 – 4:37 – in Preview)

Hard and dirty industrial opener in the style of “Rammstein” with distorted bass, smashing guitars, punchy drums and industrial loops in the background.

Perfect for any video opener, trailers, animations and everywhere some hard rocking tune is needed!

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