High Energy Rock Pack

High Energy Rock Pack


High Energy Rock Pack

‘High Energy Rock Pack’ is a collection of fun and upbeat rock tracks, with styles in classic rock, prog metal and indie rock. Ideal for a variety of applications.

1. Rock (5 versions)
‘Rock’ is an old-school hard-hitting, driving classic rock track in the style of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin or AC/DC. It features powerful drums, chugging bass, swirly Hammond organ and wailing lead guitars. Full of energy and passion, this track is ideal for sports videos, gaming, trailers and commercials.

Included with the main version is an underscore version with the lead instruments removed, a 30 second version, a 15 second version and a looped version. Alternate mixes, such as short versions of the underscore are available on request.

Rock – Main Mix (1:30)
Rock – Underscore (1:30)
Rock – 30s (0:30)
Rock – 15s (0:15)
Rock – Looped (1:27)

2. Upbeat & Energetic Indie Rock (5 versions)
‘Upbeat & Energetic Indie Rock’ is a high energy rock track with an old-school feel. It features a rocking bass, gritty Hammond organ, energetic drums, rhythmic electric guitar and a singing Farfisa organ playing a lead melody. This track is ideal for sports videos, advertising, games and action trailers.

Included with the main version is an underscore version (with the lead melody removed), a 30 second version, a 15 second version, and a looped version;

Upbeat & Energetic Indie Rock – Main Mix (1:43)
Upbeat & Energetic Indie Rock – Underscore (1:43)
Upbeat & Energetic Indie Rock – 30s (0:30)
Upbeat & Energetic Indie Rock – 15s (0:15)
Upbeat & Energetic Indie Rock – Looped (1:36)

3. Rock Trailer (5 versions)
‘Rock Trailer’ is an energetic and hard-hitting rock track featuring powerful electric guitars, chugging bass, blasting drums and wailing synths. Ideal for sports montages, gaming, trailers and commercials.

Included with the main version is an ‘Underscore’ version with the lead synth removed, a 60-second version, a 30-second version and a 15-second version;

Rock Trailer – Main Mix (2:00)
Rock Trailer – Underscore (2:00)
Rock Trailer – 60s (1:00)
Rock Trailer – 30s (0:30)
Rock Trailer – 15s (0:15)

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High Energy Rock Pack

This pack is ideal for; Rock trailers, Rock adverts, Rock commercials, Rock kid’s productions, Rock games, Rock animations, Rock intros, Rock podcasts, Rock documentaries, Rock incidental music, Rock shop atmosphere, Rock movies, Rock TV, Rock radio, Rock stings, Rock logos, Rock idents, Rock parties, Rock news, Rock craft tutorials, Rock cooking shows, Rock corporate projects.. anything Rock!!