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HI, I got a copyright-prpblem with youtube:

“AdRev for Rights Holder”

Pleas help, thanks.

I filed a protest so far, the notice is gone, here is the link, ones more:

Hi man! Your channel was whitelisted for my music and i don’t see any advertisement in your video.. Usually this process takes just a few hours.. Sorry for any troubles and thanks for purchasing of my music.. Cheers!

Thank you :)

Why do I get copyright notice on youtube? Thank you..

Hi Doeye! Thanks for interest in my music! Can you give me a link to your channel? It will be “whitelisted” for all of my licensed music in the nearest time!

Hi Doeye! Thanks for interest in my music again! Your channel already “whitelisted” for all of my licensed music..Sorry for problems!

Hello, nice track, i used it in my last videohive project, thanks ;)

Thank you, Alex! Great project!:)

Nice! Sounds great, Alexander! Cool track :)

Thank you so much!:)

Thank you, Studio_az!

Great job, super!

Thank you, Yuriy!