Heroic Trailer Pack

Heroic Trailer Pack

Epic and futuristic cinematic trailer pack which perfect for movie, epic video or game.

Total Time: ~ 26:40

Cinematic Trailer Pack Included:

1. Cinematic Trailer

Cinematic Trailer - Main Version [2:27] 
Cinematic Trailer - Trailer Mini Version  [1:00] 
Cinematic Trailer - Climax Version [0:30]  
Cinematic Trailer - Trailer Version [1:22] 
Cinematic Trailer - Intro Version [0:37] 

2. Epicness

Epicness - Main Version [2:40] 
Epicness - Trailer Mini Version  [0:39] 
Epicness - Trailer Version [1:35]  
Epicness - Intro Version [0:50] 
Epicness - Outro Version [1:13] 

3. Epic Cinematic

Epic Cinematic - Main Version [3:23] 
Epic Cinematic - Trailer Mini Version  [1:05] 
Epic Cinematic - Climax Version [1:03]  
Epic Cinematic - Trailer Version [2:00] 
Epic Cinematic - Intro Version [1:00] 

4. Epic Movie

Epic Movie - Main Version [2:14] 
Epic Movie - Trailer Version [1:01] 
Epic Movie - Outro Version [1:17]  
Epic Movie - Climax Version [0:42] 

Beautiful, powerful and inspirational cinematic trailer pack! Music is perfect for historical films, movies about superheroes, trailers, teasers, intro, games and many other projects! Track executed professionally and efficiently, so the effect on the listener is guaranteed! Here we have used the violin, cello, horns, tuba, drums, cymbals, epicness piano and sub-bass!

A collection of four massive, cinematic trailers. All very different, but each can supply your project with that “larger than life” cinematic sound. Each is made up of hybrid elements (orchestral and digital elements) that are very popular in today’s modern trailers. Inspired, elegant and beautiful tracks for cinema, trailers, slideshows, presentation and over projects. Thanks very much for purchasing!

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