Dramatic Soundtrack

Dramatic Soundtrack

Epic Dramatic Cinematic Trailer

An epic, action, dramatic and powerful cinematic trailer with a strong and confident orchestraldeep sound. The mood of the track varies from sad to inspiring and heroic adventure in the culmination. A beautiful emotional piano in the beginning, then strings, flutes, epical percussion and in the chorus comes the full symphonic orchestra. All this together creates a tense, expressive and suspence atmosphere of the epic Hollywood blockbuster trailer.

Versions included:
  1. Main Version (2:13)
  2. Piano Version (1:53)
The Game of Thrones - 1

An example of this track in the video projects:

The Game of Thrones - 2 The Game of Thrones - 3

Sounds great in:

  • trailers;
  • teasers;
  • historical films;
  • historical films;
  • heroic videos;
  • gaming videos;
  • action and dramatic films;
  • timelapse;
  • discovery video;
  • and many others;
Includes wav & mp3


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