Heavy Textures (Guitar Loops)

Heavy Textures (Guitar Loops)

This loop pack includes 44 audio guitar loops. All of these loops can be used as stand-alone audio files (looped continuously or one shots like button sounds) and/or they can be pieced together to create songs. The preview includes a cross section of loops with examples of how to layer them in stereo or mono. All of the loops in the preview are played twice (back-to-back), so you can hear how clean the roll-over is for each loop and I recorded a little musical joke at the end of the preview. Still Gotta have fun right? I also included a Sony Acid project file so you can see how the layering works. You can get a free version of Sony Acid here:

Free version of Sony Acid

Note: The download is not a trial, but a full working free version that they offer. The free version includes some basic drum and bass loops. You can combine the free loops that they provide with my guitar loops to create complete songs and original loops of your own.

All of my audio loops are “Acidized” and include a corresponding “SFK” file. The SFK files are data files for use with programs like Sony Acid, Pro Tools and other high end recording software. The SFK files include important information that recording programs can use to determine and display:
  • Tempo (The original BPM)
  • Key (The original musical key for each loop)
  • Beat Map settings (Other advanced information depending on the program you open the loop with)
  • Bit Rate (All of my loops are mastered @ 1411kbps)
  • Audio Sample Size (All of my loops are mastered in 16 bit stereo)
  • Audio Sample Rate (All of my loops are mastered @ 44 khz)
  • Audio Format (All of my loops are .wav PCM for the highest quality possible)
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