Heavy Metal Pack 2

Heavy Metal Pack 2

Heavy Metal Pack 2 is 4 powerful and extreme hard rock tracks. The tracks have an aggressive mood a very tight sound with brutal distorted guitars in Drop C tuning, powerful bass guitar and modern metal drums. It sounds like Korn and Metallica. It’s really powerful and energetic hard rock. Strong drums, rock crash and overdrive drop guitars. If you need extreme energy and adrenaline for your video project, Heavy Metal Pack will add pressure and dynamics, as well as make your installation more drive, modern and energetic. Very good for active promotion, motivational promo, trailer, sports activities, applications, soundtrack, action movies, ost, commercial video, games, motorcycle shows, sport bike videos, car commercials, youtube videos, presentations, fight shows, extreme sport, snowboard videos, racing videos, action games, films and other media projects. Moods: driving, powerful, energetic, cool, inspirational, bright, catchy, upbeat, uplifting. This package will make any project more alive and hot, feel the strength and power of heavy metal music! Main Genre: metal, hard rock, post-hardcore, alternative rock, modern metal, modern alternative, action rock, aggressive rock, alternative rock, distortion rock, strong alternative music, sport rock, nu-metal, death metal, trash metal, heavy beat, metal music, heavy metal rock, metalcore, speed metal. Heavy Metal Pack perfect for: sports videos, workout, training, snowboard, parkour, some destruction videos, fihgting videos, boxing videos, bodybuilding training, crossfit workout, powerlifting videos, games, heavy metral intro, show openers,motorcycle shows, sport bike videos, car commercials, car crash videos, gym videos, mma fighting, auto racing, any dynamic action videos, commercials, any commercial use, gaming and eSports, web and more.

In the pack included tracks and versions:

1. Heavy Metal Rock 2:03

2. Hard Rock Heavy Metal

3 versions:

Hard Rock Heavy Metal – (version 1) 2:22

Hard Rock Heavy Metal – (version 2) 1:32

Hard Rock Heavy Metal – (version 3) 1:04

3. Heavy Metal Dangerous

5 versions:

Heavy Metal Dangerous – (version 1) 2:08

Heavy Metal Dangerous – (version 2) 1:25

Heavy Metal Dangerous – (version 3) 0:32

Heavy Metal Dangerous – (version 4) 0:21

Heavy Metal Dangerous – (version 5 looped) 0:21

4. Heavy Metal Adrenaline

2 versions:

Heavy Metal Adrenaline – (main version) 1:43

Heavy Metal Adrenaline – (guitar solo in the end) 1:43

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