Heart of a Champion Kit

Heart of a Champion Kit

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About This Track

An inspirational synth power pop track that makes you want to get up on your feet and take on the world. The track starts off with a hip-hop inspired beat. A loud, emphatic, “hey!” yells from far away as distorted bass synth kicks in during the verse vibing much like a Katy Perry or Sara Bareilles hit.

Then like any inspirational story, the track hits big into the chorus as all the instruments suddenly come to life. Whatever story you have, whatever project you’re developing, “Heart of a Champion” gives you the inspirational, modern kick it needs.

This music kit is based on my original AudioJungle track ”Heart of a Champion”

This package comes with 16 extremely customizable arrangements:

01 Intro
02 Intro with No Heys
03 Verse 1
04 Verse 1 with No Heys
05 Verse 2
06 Verse 2 with No Heys
07 Chorus 1
08 Chorus 1 with No Heys
09 Chorus 2
10 Chorus 2 with No Heys
11 Post Chorus
12 Post Chorus with No Heys
13 Outro
14 Outro with No Heys
15 Outro with Piano Ending
16 Outro with Piano Ending with No Heys

The following demos are included with this music kit:

Demo 1: [2:18] (Preview at 0:00 – 2:18)
Demo 2: [2:18] (Preview at 2:19 – 4:36)
Demo 3: [1:30] (Preview at 4:38 – 6:08)

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