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Thanks!!! :) Glad you like it! Thanks for the purchase.

Really very beautiful instrumental music, Tim! :)

Hey Wayman, thanks very much! :)

Magic music!

Thanks!! :)

incredibly beautiful! :)

Thanks very much Caio, I always appreciate your opinion :)

In my comments, errors are possible because I write through the translator, but the main thing you need to catch I really liked your music! ))

Thanks very much! I understand perfectly :) I appreciate it!

Awesome, just bookmarked a couple of your tunes. Keep up the good work.

Thanks very much, I hope you find some good use for my music in the future :)

Simple Amazing.

Thanks very much :)

you’re brilliant Tim

Thanks very much :)

hmmm…cool wind..)

Will be purchasing soon… Just wanted to let you know that this is the most powerful song on the whole site. Unreal… Please make more like it!

Thank you so much, that’s a very nice comment :) Thank you in advance for your purchase as well, unless you already made it that is!!

Wow, Tim. Awesome work.

Don’t know exactly how I’m going to use this, but I’ll let you know. Have to ruminate on this for awhile and see where it goes.

Thanks for this creation.

Thanks so much for your purchase and support :)

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!!

Loved this tune! I used it in this video for work:


Great video! Thanks for the purchase :)

Sounds more corporate than classical.. But very good track !!

Do you have a stinger ending to this track? It’s awesome and I would like to have a dramatic ending instead of a fade out. Thanks!

Hi Franco, thanks very much for your purchase!

At this time there is no alternate outro to the song, very sorry.

WOW !!! Really great track.

Thanks man :)

Awesome track. Bookmarket. Could be even better with an ending, not just a fade off.

But it´s great!

Thanks a lot!

Magic Music! It’s really great! Thanks!

Thanks man :) Appreciate the kind words and purchase!

I passed by this one a few times because of the title. Silly me (being more morose I suppose or something). Absolutely beautiful.

haha, well, I will try to think about better titles to make sure I am attracting everyone for the future, in case there are more out there passing certain tracks ;)

Thanks for the kind words!

????? ???????? ???????!

amazing composition Tim.. only thing that would make it better or more complete, is a real ending to the piece. Kind of builds up, then fades out, when I was hoping to really close as strong as it opens.. Eitherway, I’m excited to edit a powerful demo video to it, and will send you link as soon as ready. Thanks again!

Hi there!

Thanks for your purchase and your feedback, I appreciate it!

I will keep the endings in mind as I move forward as a few people have asked for a definite ending now. The problem usually is that some want a fade and others want a definite end – I may just have to start including a variation on the endings.

Thanks :)