Discussion on Headlight News

Discussion on Headlight News

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Cool Opening!

Thanks Baszz !

Thank you )

One of the best news music. Just listen and want to make an opener)

Thank you most kindly ) Feel free to make more openers

Very impressive. I am preparing a news project. I will use this.

Good news! thanks

Hi, we liked your track and used it in our News Promo project –

Regards, RGBA Design Team

Looks great! Good job and thanks for your feedback.

Hey, I’ve used your music on my Videohive item. Please check this out

I am very disappointed. Contrary to what I thought, the news, sport, .... parts are long only 20 seconds. I want to be paid back.

Hello brother !!

My father used to buy audio from you before. But I don’t have a license right now. Please help me. My YouTube channel is an information channel that I upload every day. So I really like your audio and I want to use it forever. If I try to buy it, the Audiojungle will not accept my country, Ethiopia. paypal does not work in ethiopia. I don’t know anyone who lives abroad right now. I don’t know anyone in the country where paypal works. Please reply if you receive this message, brother. It was Audiam (Label) website that made me Claim for my YouTube video.From now on, I want to use your audio ( 1:22 Minute to 1:42 Minute ) for many videos without sending me YouTube copyright. please please please help me brother. I’ve been punished by Reused Content from YouTube, so now when i use your audio, I’m afraid it will still make me demonetized my video by copyright claim. I’m sorry, I can’t speak much in English. Sorry for the inconvenience. Amanuel Yohannes , Ethiopia!!

My Youtube Channel Name: Amanuel media My YouTube Video Link: Your Audio From Audiojungle Link: Minute From ( 1:22 to 1:42 )

wow , thank you brother. the copyright claim on my video was released by Audiam ( Label ). Thanks fab500music.

Thx a lot for your great work my friend and for incredible soundtrack!