Hard Rock Pack

Hard Rock Pack

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Hard rock / metal pack with heavy and brutal tracks. Distortion guitar riffs, tight bass, punchy powerful drums, rhythmic background syntesizer. This tracks is bright, destructive, disturbing, driving, energetic, epic, fun, hard, heavy, intense, loud, motivational, moving, optimistic, positive, strong. It well suitable for TV, YouTube, action, background, car video, extreme, fight, game, media, movie, sport, technology.

ZIP file contains:
  1. Classic Hard Rock
    • Classic Hard Rock (2:58)
    • Classic Hard Rock (0-65) (Preview at 2:55)
    • Classic Hard Rock (0-35) (Preview at 4:01)
  2. Powerful Hard Rock
    • Hard Rock (2:03) (Preview at 4:37)
    • Hard Rock (0-34) (Preview at 6:41)
  3. Groove Metal
    • Groove Metal (0-30) (Preview at 7:18)
    • Groove Metal (2:12) (Preview at 7:49)
    • Groove Metal (1-10) (Preview at 10:02)
    • Groove Metal (0-50) (Preview at 11:13)
    • Groove Metal (Loop) (Preview at 12:04)

Ambient Epic Corporate
Lite Rock Cinematic Hard Rock
Hip-Hop Folk, Acoustic Children's
My Bestsellers Lounge Christmas
Happy & Positive Inspirational Upbeat & Cheerful
Energetic & Driving Dramatic Strong & Powerful
Relaxing & Chill Dreamy & Romantic Sad & Dark

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