Hard & Heavy Cinematic World Music Pack 2

Hard & Heavy Cinematic World Music Pack 2

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The 2nd collection of hard and heavy cinematic music. Almost 13 minutes of music here. The music contains elements of world music and elements of cinematic / Western music and are fused together in a unique way. The common thread is that the sound is ‘hard’ (lots of percussion) and heavy / intense.

Apocalyptica 2:18

The Apocalypse! The End Of The World. Everyone has their own track or piece of music that they might want to have represent this event, and this is my interpretation of the theme, which is basically a lot of different musical elements blended together.

Driving guitars. Check. Wailing vocals. Check. Power drums. Check. Big orchestra. Check. Booms. Check!

The opening from 0:00 – 0:48 represents a prelude of what is to come, hence the emphasis on mournful and sorrowful vocals. The track then comes to life at 0:49 where there is a buildup and rise in tension (emphasized by a long grinding crescendo / glissando on the strings and percussion).

The track explodes into life at 0:59 where all hell starts to break loose.

The orchestra enters at 1:10 along with rock guitar, and this is all accompanied by a driving drum beat and synth bass. This idea is repeated with the wailing vocals and gradually increases to the climax point at 2:00. Apocalypse has very much happened, and all that remains is an echo of the music that has come before, along with one final ‘explosion’ at the end.

Very useful for trailers (the track was designed with the typical trailer structure in mind) and ‘power’ presentations.

World Voyage Of Danger And Discovery 5:48

An epic track, which loops and goes through multiple different themes throughout that increase and decrease in intensity.

The track starts off ambient, and then at 1:00, the first transformation occurs and then everything becomes a little bit more intense and the music generally has a thicker texture, with heavier accompaniment and faster inner parts. In addition, we have haunting female (Balkan) vocals and Mongolian Tuvan throat singing throughout this opening section.

At 2:05, the music transitions into an action cue with a powerful horn line, accompanied with marcato strings. This is played over a low rock guitar and a rock drum kit.

After this action sequence, the music transitions – at 3:45 – back into something more like the opening (and variations on the opening) and this gradually settles down until the track eventually loops on itself.

A track which contains pretty much everything, a multitude of styles and a multitude of layers. VERY good for slideshows because of the constant tempo and evolving nature of the track. You could also cut it up and edit the track yourself (or ask me to) in case you wanted to separate the different emotions from each other.

March To Oblivion 2:45

In summary, a loud bombastic fully orchestral (winds, brass, strings, percussion) action track with a soft ethnic section featuring the Armenian duduk. Particularly well suited to trailers and video games but could also be cut to a film clip.

The track is divided clearly into 3 musical sections.

00:00-01:18 – Ominous battle-like action scene. Suitable for ‘grand’ battle scenes, rather than individual or close-up scenes.

01:18-01:45 – Breakdown section. Features ethnic instruments and a complete change of pace.

01:45-02:45 – Grand buildup towards the end of the piece at 2:22 with all sorts of apocalyptic orchestral effects.

The Power Of Enlightenment 1:48

A hugely epic and motivational piece produced in the ‘trailer-music’ style. Booming drums, epic choirs, haunting vocals, strong melodies and powerful harmonies, it’s all here.

The piece has an obvious shape, starting out with soft choral humming, which leads into a section of ‘aaah’ singing. After a buildup, there is a short lull, and then the music explodes into life (enlightenment) with some mock Latin singing.

Finally to close, a haunting and melancholy deep woman’s voice sings which brings an end to a highly dynamic piece of music. With the massive differences between loud and soft in this piece, it is sure to have a huge impact on your presentation or whatever you choose to use it for.

Hope you find these useful and a good fit for your projects.


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