Hard & Heavy Cinematic World Music Pack 1

Hard & Heavy Cinematic World Music Pack 1

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A collection of four different tracks, each with elements of world music, and also containing elements of cinematic music. You’ll find instruments and sounds from all over the world in these tracks. Stylistically, the only common theme is that the songs are hard (a lot of percussive elements, or some rock elements), and heavy (quite intense pieces). The rest is completely open.

Energetic Japanese Festival Drums 1:24

Booming taikos, sharp shime-daikos, ankle and wrist cymbals, and numerous other Japanese-inspired instruments occur in this highly energetic and occasionally frantic Japanese drum piece (with a slight Western flair, obviously….

I lived in Japan for 3 years, so expect many more tracks that are Japanese / Asia inspired in the future.

Suitable for any martial arts promotion, holiday promotion, or anything which requires a distinctly robust Asian themed piece of music.

Action And Reaction 4:14

This is a piece of music which fuses multiple styles, primarily though, traditional orchestral film music with an action / chase theme, and traditional Indian vocal / instrumental music.

Whilst 4 minutes long, has multiple themes that weave together to create one larger piece of music. If it’s not a solo violin over a softer accompaniment, it’s a hard percussion section with orchestral stabs. In addition, there are some mournful vocals over a very soft accompaniment, and this is followed by a wild ethnic flute solo over a lighter / fast paced accompaniment.

The music is constantly evolving and reacting from one section to the next (hence the title).

Given the amount of styles that are weaved into this track, it could be used for multiple purposes. I just suggest you listen and see if it would fit into your project!

Doomed By The Voice Of War 0:57

This looping track acts like a call to arms for an epic battle. It fuses elements of heavy rock with orchestral strings, and a wailing, almost shrieking, female vocal to bring it all together.

The sum of its parts creates a huge and very heavy looping cinematic piece of music.

Eastern Flower Of Steel And Steam 4:17

A hybrid of East Asian and Western music. Featuring hugely varied instruments from across the world, a highly unusual ensemble fuses together to create something that sounds original.

A word that keeps springing to mind when hearing this? Steampunk.

The instruments in the track play many different roles, but, as is hinted in the title, the clash between organic and non-organic sounds is what makes this track so unique.

That’s it for this pack, but stay tuned for a second pack featuring more songs like this!


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