doroga derevya vid sverkhu x by Matthew Mahov on

A photo by frank mckenna.

Happy - 1Happy - 2 Happy - 3Happy - 4Happy - 5Happy - 6Happy - 7Happy - 8Happy - 9Happy - 10Happy - 11Happy - 12

This song is a very happy and upbeat piece using the ukulele. Also features hand clapping, bells, and acoustic guitar to give a cheerful and positive vibe. This would make a good track to use if you want to capture todays modern and popular trend of using upbeat ukulele music heard in many of todays pop songs and tv commercial ads.

4 Versions

  • Main version 1:57
  • Loop 1 1:13
  • Loop 2 0:49
  • Short version 0:30

I really want to help you find the track for your project, if you need

  • Сut the track -
  • Change tempo
  • Change the key
  • Or even write a new track for an order
  • Or add an effect, a tool and so on …
We will make it !

For any questions, please contact us , we will contact you about 1 hour.

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