Happy Upbeat Ukulele Acoustic

Happy Upbeat Ukulele Acoustic


Happy Upbeat Ukulele Acoustic

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“Happy Upbeat Ukulele Acoustic” is an inspirational, fun, and optimistic acoustic tune that has a catchy melody and light, snappy beat.

Bright, bouncy, inspiring, and lively, “Happy Upbeat Ukulele Acoustic” brings a sunny, pleasant, and vividly colorful optimism to your media content.

Gentle yet frisky and cheerful, “Happy Upbeat Ukulele Acoustic” is commercial friendly, uplifting, and enlightening. It sprinkles a gently shimmering positive Caribbean vibe that enhances the inspiring, inspirational, and bright energy of its accompanying content. Sunny, warm tropical sensations are coupled with a gentle breeze that drifts mildly and tenderly across a light blue spring and summer sky. “Happy Upbeat Ukulele Acoustic” delivers a natural, organic, and simple sensitivity with a family-friendly smile.

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“Happy Upbeat Ukulele Acoustic” sounds like:
  • Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
  • Jake Shimabukuro
  • Eddie Kamae
  • James Hill
  • Daniel Ho
  • Genoa Keawe
  • Don Ho
“Happy Upbeat Ukulele Acoustic” features:
  • ukulele
  • acoustic guitar
  • shaker
  • snaps.


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  2. Happy Upbeat Ukulele Acoustic.mp3 | 1:17