Happy Upbeat Music

Happy Upbeat Music

An upbeat pop music track full of optimism, feelgood and with happy, positive melody. The main riff is played on a clean warm guitar, with bouncy rhythm guitars; electric and acoustic keeping the flow along with piano. A playful, bright brass section lifts the track even higher. The piece has a lot of high energy and good vibes. The music will sit well with items that need corporate motivation or family fun.

Want more control over the arrangement?

Maybe you want a 1 minute version of this, or a 30 second version, or a 20 minute version? If you’d like to make different arrangements of this music, then get the Music Kit version which has different sections saved as stems (loopable blocks of audio). You can arrange these in whatever order you like to make your perfect composition.

You can get the kit here…

Happy Upbeat Music - 1

Happy Upbeat Music - 2

Happy Upbeat Music - 3

Happy Upbeat Music - 4

Happy Upbeat Music - 5

Happy Upbeat Music - 6

Happy Upbeat Music - 7

Happy Upbeat Music - 8

Happy Upbeat Music - 9

Happy Upbeat Music - 10

Happy Upbeat Music - 11

Happy Upbeat Music - 12

Happy Upbeat Music - 13

Corporate Music Royalty Free Funk Music With Vocals

I’ve worked as a musician and digital media designer for many years. I have a company, Menagerie, which produces motion graphics, digital design and professional music composition and audio production.

I’ve composed and recorded music for TV, film, advertising and many forms of multimedia for the likes of Orange Telecom, Dr Martens Boots, Lloyds Insurance, amongst hosts of others.

I’ve also recorded with bands and a solo project called Heifervescent that has been running since 2002 has recently produced several top ten creative commons hits on Jamendo with over a quarter million listens in the last year.

Audio made for After Effects

If you need any of my audio for an After Effects Project demo on Videohive, and you need the track to be edited to fit your sequence, then just drop me a message and I’ll help you with an edited mix, specially for your project.

Andy Doran Digital Media Designer