Happy Upbeat Christmas Advertising

Happy Upbeat Christmas Advertising

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Perfectly crafted and cut for a 0:30 broadcast promo spot for tv and radio, this track delivers a happy winter/Christmas tune and brings imagery of snow, good times & fond memories with family & friends.

Happy Upbeat Christmas Advertising hinges upon (and ends the song with) the phrase “there’s no place home” – a sentiment that resonates with millions of people around the world.

This light and joyful track evokes positive emotions while keeping things catchy and memorable — crucial components when you are running a 30 second spot!

For your convenience and flexibility, both vocal and instrumental versions are included.

Vocal Version (0:30) | Instrumental (0:30)

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Winter air
Snowy trees
Nothing but fond memories

Times may change
But we stay strong
We’re right where we belong

And well have good times together
They’ll last forever
Our love, it always shows

And when we are
With each other
Our friendship only grows

Yeah, there’s no place like home