Happy Ukulele Whistling Acoustic Kit

Happy Ukulele Whistling Acoustic Kit

A MUSIC KIT, based on my original AudioJungle composition, Happy Ukulele Whistling Acoustic.

“Happy Ukulele Whistling Acoustic ” is a fun, upbeat and acoustic track that would make the perfect music bed for your positive YouTube video blog, adventure Vimeo footage, promotional video, creative project or crowdfunding campaign.

The groovy ukulele strumming pattern and upbeat whistling makes this catchy acoustic pop track ideal for travel family video, or just to create a carefree summer vibe.

If you’re looking for something in the distinctive acoustic pop style this is the perfect fun and fresh pop track for your YouTube video or project.

Genre: indie, folk, indie folk


  • Demo track 1 (2:10)
  • Demo Track 2 (1:12)
  • Demo Track 3 (0:23)

Track Sections:

  • 01_Reverse_FX (0:01)
  • 02_Chorus1_Part (0:19)
  • 03_Chorus1_Part2 (0:10)
  • 04_Verse1 (0:19)
  • 05_Chorus2_Part1 (0:19)
  • 06_Chorus2_Part2 (0:10)
  • 07_Verse2_Part1 (0:19)
  • 08_Verse2_Part2 (0:10)
  • 09_Chorus3_Part1 (0:19)
  • 09_Chorus3_Part2_with_Ending (0:12)