Happy Ukulele Pack1

Happy Ukulele Pack1

Happy Ukulele Pack1 – This Collection is include happy track with ukulele, bell, acoustic guitar and piano instruments. Joyful, playful, fulfil, warm, feel good and positive mood.
Suitable and Perfect for background music in summer, advertising, positive projects, children (kids) video and video presentation.

This Pack have 4 Tracks :
1. Happy on Vacation +3 versions (2:27) preview at 0:00
   1.1. Happy on Vacation_full version (2:27)
   1.2. Happy on Vacation_+ background vocal version (2:27)
   1.3. Happy on Vacation_no drum version (2:27)
2. Happy and Sunny +5 versions (3:03) preview at 2:27
   2.1. Happy And Sunny_full version (3:03)
   2.2. Happy And Sunny_15sec version (0:22)
   2.3. Happy And Sunny_30sec version (0:36)
   2.4. Happy And Sunny_60sec version (1:03)
   2.5. Happy And Sunny_120sec version (2:08)
3. Ukulele in Love +2 versions (2:37) preview at 5:30
   3.1. Ukulele in Love_full version (2:37)
   3.2. Ukulele in Love_no drum version (2:37)
4. Ukulele on the Beach +5 version (2:51) preview at 8:08
   4.1.Ukulele on the Beach_full band version (2:51)
   4.2.Ukulele on the Beach_percussion version (2:51)
   4.3.Ukulele on the Beach_full band 30sec version (0:39)
   4.4.Ukulele on the Beach_percussion 30sec version (0:39)
   4.5.Ukulele on the Beach_15sec version (0:23

Thank you for listening…..Enjoy!!!

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