Happy Ukulele Kit

Happy Ukulele Kit

Happy Ukulele Kit - 1

This music kit is based on my original song ‘Happy Ukulele’ A happy, upbeat and jolly song perfect for corporate projects, youtube videos and adverts.

Inside the download package:

13 loop able song sections witch can all be quickly arranged together to create a song of any length or arrangement you require.

1 song ending, witch can be used at the end of your project for a smooth ‘fade out’ ending.

3 ready to use demo compositions I’ve created using the loops provided in this pack.

A text document explaining the file arrangement for the 3 demo compositions.

Demo arrangements can be heard in the preview file:

Happy Ukulele (Full Version) – 0:00 Happy Ukulele (Version 2) – 2:11 Happy Ukulele (Version 3) – 3:23

Song sections in this kit:

01_Intro – Features just the upbeat drum beat.

02_Verse_No_Lead – Features strummed ukulele’s and drums.

03_Verse_With_Bass_Piano – All instruments added, Drums, Ukulele’s, Bass Guitar & Piano.

04_Verse_With_Glockenspeil_Lead – With all instruments & glockenspiel lead melody

05_Verse_Part_2_With_Endbreak – Second part of the verse but with drum fill at the end.

06_Chorus – The chorus section of the song featuring all instruments.

07_Chorus_Part2 – Second part of the chorus

08_Post_Chorus – breakdown just featuring bass guitar, drums and ukulele’s

09_Post_Chorus_Part2 – Second part of the breakdown but with added Pianos.

10_Bridge – Bridge section of the song, song strips down to just ukuleles, shakers and Glockenspiel.

11_Bridge_Part2 – Second part of the bridge, with extra instruments.

12_Chorus_2 – Second chorus, featuring all instruments

13_Chorus_2_Ending – Part two of the second chorus featuring all instruments.

14_Ending_Fadeout – Ending of the song with a nice fadeout.