Happy Summer Pack

Happy Summer Pack

Happy Summer Pack - 1

The Happy – 1:25

The Happy is background music played by acoustic instruments: xylophone, marimba, bass, drums, piano, ukulele, brass, glockenspiel, bell, acoustic guitar.

It has engaging sounding, energetic vibe, driving rhythm. Sweet and playful melodies.

The Happy creates positive, uplifting feelings. The Optimistic beat is simple and easy, bouncy and cheerful. Folk character with catchy motives.

The upbeat music might be used as a background for videos about journey, holidays, summer.

Tempo: 190 BPM
Format: Wav
Duration: 1:25

Happy Summer – 2:24

Positive, shiny music played by acoustic instruments in playful and carefree manner.
Brings funny summer mood, smile, holidays feelings.
The composition consists of 4 parts:
1. joyful, bright main theme, upbeat rhythm, sweet sunny melodies.
2. lyric, thoughtful, emotional secondary theme.
3. Brake
4. Culmination. Has festive optimistic sounding. Catchy character, Bouncy vocal.

The background, during the whole length, carries happy mood, has nice and kind sounding, optimistic character, light easy melodies.

This music inspires to driving journey, to travel, to take a vacation and awakens a desire for the weekend.

Also will be good in kids video, Children’s advertise, cheerful commercial.
Tempo: 100 BPM
Format: Wav
Duration: 2:24

Positive And Peaceful Acoustic Background -2:00

Kind and nice acoustic instrumental background. Sweet sounding during whole track creates positive emotions. The composition has calm, peaceful character, creates a tranquil effect and thoughtful state. The reflective mood helps to set on listener on visual.

Fun melodies by glockenspiel, light chords by ukulele, warm bass, groovy relaxing drums.

The Peaceful, gentle sounding together with happy, bright motives will be perfect for lulling kids videos, carefree commercial.

Tempo: 92 BPM
Format: Wav
Duration: 2:02

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