Happy Smile Kit

Happy Smile Kit

Happy Smile KIT - 1

A bright and lively acoustic track combining a catchy melody with fun and quirky sounds. This track perfect when complimenting animal videos, advertisements, radio and podcast skits, childrens content and funny videos online. Can also be partnered with presentations, documentaries, how-to videos and more to add a distinctive layer of happiness to your project. This track also a great choice for those looking to add voice over layers to their work

Based on my original AudioJungle item:

Used acoustic guitar, ukuleles, piano, celesta, marimba, bass, hooks, real human whistle, drums and percussion.

Included four versions.

01_Intro01 (0:09) Based on Verse01

02_Intro02 (0:09) Based on Verse02

03_Verse01_Celesta_Piano (0:09) Theme 01 in celesta and piano

04_Verse02_Celesta_Piano (0:09) Theme 02 in celesta and piano

05_Chorus_Whistle_Guitar (0:09) Chorus theme in whistle and guitar

06_Chorus_Celesta_Marimba_Guitar (0:09) Chorus theme in marimba and guitar

07_Verse03_Whistle_Celesta_NoBass (0:09) Theme 03 in whistle and celesta, no bass

08_Verse04_Whistle_Celesta_NoBass (0:09) Theme 04 in whistle and celesta, no bass

09_Verse03_Celesta_Piano (0:09) Theme 03 in celesta and piano

10_Verse04_Celesta_Piano (0:09) Theme 04 in celesta and piano

11_Chorus_Whistle_Marimba (0:09) Chorus theme in whistle and marimba

12_Chorus_Piano_Marimba_Guitar (0:09) Chorus theme in piano, marimba and guitar

13_Verse01_Celesta (0:09) Theme 01 in celesta

14_Verse02_Whistle_Piano (0:09) Theme 02 in whistle and piano

15_Chorus_Whistle_Piano_Guitar (0:09) Chorus theme in whistle, piano and guitar

16_Outro (0:09) Based on Verse02

17_EndTone (0:04) End tone

Demo ready for use

Demo01_AllMainSections – 2:38

Demo02_Short – 1:50

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The pictures below show the mood of the track.

Happy Smile KIT - 3

Happy Smile KIT - 4

Happy Smile KIT - 5

Happy Smile KIT - 6