Happy Pack

Happy Pack

Upbeat Happy Pack

This is a happy, children, folk, positive, smile, kids, uplifting, optimistic, joy, happiness, upbeat, soft, acoustic, happiness, child, joyful, funny, fun, summer pack.

It contains 3 tracks:


This is a positive, optimistic, joyful, gleefull, uplifting, bouncy, inspiring track for your corporate, advertising , ad, presentation videos.

Ideal for children’s YouTube or Vimeo channel cartoons . The track sounds funny ukulele , crystal bells , acoustic guitar and African percussion.

There are 2 versions:

  • Happy full – 1:28
  • Happy short 0:30
  • This is Happy

    This is a positive, interesting, joyful, cheerful, optimistic, cheerful, buoyant, cheerful, invigorating, active, driving, fast track for your positive, promotion, presentation, advertising, commercial, corporate video or project for the children’s channel on YouTube. Ideal for soundtrack for a holiday video, funny stories, and children’s channels. This track is the sad smile of any person. This track for children and their parents! Fun and an unconstrained! Light and bright!


  • - This is Happy full – 1:59
  • - This is Happy short – 1:13
  • - This is Happy very short – 0:15
  • When writing, I have only used a great positive mood, a lot of positive emotions and put his heart and soul into this track!

    This Happy

    This joyful, smiling, child, cheerful, child, upbeat, driving, positive, optimistic, inspirational, bright, light, funny, whistle fun, awesome, chic, kids, beautiful, joyful, christmas track for your cheerful, positive, corporate, motivational , promo, video presentation.

    Included 3 versions:
  • full – 02:33
  • short – 01:40
  • very short – 00:54
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