Happy Pack

Happy Pack

“Happy Pack” contains 4 upbeat and fun tracks designed to create a happy mood.

1. Bouncing Along (5 versions)
Simple, fun and full of life! A catchy tune that is perfect for advertising, YouTube videos, podcasts, children, games and more. Featuring piano, drums, pizzicato strings, vibraphone, celesta and marimba.
original version – 1:19
jazzier percussion – 1:19
no percussion – 1:19
loop 1 – 0:09
loop 2 – 0:09

2. Happy and Bouncy (5 versions)
A fun song with a catchy tune that is perfect for advertising, Youtube videos, podcasts, children’s projects, games and much more. The orchestral part is made up of piano, ukulele, bass, xylophone, drums, violins, accordion, clarinet and trumpets while for the solo part you can choose between saxophone, trombones or piano. Also available are an orchestral version and a seamlessly working loop.

Saxophone version  -  2:08

Trombone version    -  2:08

Piano version            -  2:08

Orchestral version    -  2:08

Loop                           -  0:22

3. A Jolly Cowboy – 2:11
A happy, joyful, positive track featuring guitars and ukulele, groovy rhythm and a tuba bass line. Brings an uplifting feeling that will perfectly fit any corporate project that means to motivate or any children oriented projects.

4. Staying Positive – 1:35
Uplifting track featuring piano, vibraphone and percussion. Catchy melody with a feel good vibe. Positive, playful and light. Perfect for corporate projects or any project involving happiness, smiles and motivation.