Happy Old Style Pack

Happy Old Style Pack

Happy Old Style Pack contains four super happy, acoustic and old style songs for your projects.

1. Beanstalk (5 Versions):
This is a song with a lot of swing, features marimba, ukuleles, an old well tuned piano and super good happy feelings!.
Beanstalk – 3:07
Beanstalk Med Length – 2:10
Beanstalk 60 Sec – 1:02
Beanstalk 40 Sec – 0:42
Beanstalk 30 Sec – 0:32

2. Uncomplicated (3 Versions):
An uncomplicated and catchy song with little guitars, ukeleles, piano and glockenspiel.
Uncomplicated – 3:03
Uncomplicated Whistling – 2:30
Uncomplicated 60 Sec – 1:07

3. Let Me Whistle (1 Version):
An old swing song with a fresh, remembered and catchy melody; features acoustic guitar, ukelele, glockenspiel and piano.
Let Me Whistle – 2:13

4. Bald but Happy (1 Version):
Yeah, I am bald, but I can’t do anything against mother nature, just be happy and this song with some of blues can illustrate my happiness!  :)
Features an old well tuned piano, ukelele, acoustic guitars, brushed drums, marimba and unique african bass.
Bald but Happy – 3:59

Available in WAV & MP3 formats.