The Happy Music Commercial

The Happy Music Commercial

Happy Music Pack - 1

Happy Music Pack

DESCRIPTION:This pack includes 3 funny and happy compositions perfectly suitable for comic presentation, comedy, presentation of a magician, circus, children’s television, comedy programs, as well as children’s parties, food and beverage advertising and videos about animals for example  :)

1. Music for Kids:

1. Main – 1:47

2. Extended – 2:07

3. Short A – 1:09

4. Short B – 0:50

2. Happy Acoustic (1:50 in preview):

1. Main – 2:18

2. Short A – 1:40

3. Short B – 0:42

4. 1 Minute Edit – 1:00

3. Funny Music (4:10 in preview):

1. Main – 1:40

2. Short A – 1:05

3. Short B – 0:55


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