Happy Magical Christmas Pack

Happy Magical Christmas Pack


Happy Magical Christmas Pack

‘Happy Magical Christmas Pack’ is a fresh collection of Christmas tracks with a great variety for all your Christmas project needs. With 4 tracks for only $39, this pack represents excellent value.

1. Happy Little Christmas (5 versions)
‘Happy Little Christmas’ is a cheery, bright and magical Christmas track, ideal for animations, games, Children’s productions and commercials. It features a twinkly melody on celesta and glockenspiel, with orchestral strings and woodwind.

Included with the full version are a selection of edits for your convenience;

Happy Little Christmas – Full (1:34)
Happy Little Christmas – 60s (1:00)
Happy Little Christmas – 30s (0:30)
Happy Little Christmas – Ident (0:15)
Happy Little Christmas – Looped (1:39

2. Magical Christmas (3 versions)
‘Magical Christmas’ is an energetic and exciting orchestral Christmas track. It features a full, powerful orchestra with strings, horns and percussion. An ideal accompaniment to Christmas projects.

Included with the full version are several edits for your convenience;

Magical Christmas – Full (1:27)
Magical Christmas – 30s (0:30)
Magical Christmas – Ident (0:14)

3. Sweet Christmas (4 versions)
‘Sweet Christmas’ is a pretty and delicate orchestral Christmas track. An ideal accompaniment to Christmas projects, children’s productions, games and animations, this is a bright melodic track full energy and excitement.

Included with the main version are a selection of edits for your convenience;

Sweet Christmas – Full (1:38)
Sweet Christmas – Looped (1:38)
Sweet Christmas – 60s (1:00)
Sweet Christmas – 30s (0:30)

4. Christmas Snowflakes (5 versions)
‘Christmas Snowflakes’ is a fun and bright Christmas track, ideal for children’s productions, games, animations and Christmas projects. It features twinkly celesta and melodic flute, with gentle wind instruments and strings.

Included with the full version are a selection of edits for your convenience;

Christmas Snowflakes – Full (1:32)
Christmas Snowflakes – 60s (1:00)
Christmas Snowflakes – 30s (0:30)
Christmas Snowflakes – 10s (0:10)
Christmas Snowflakes – Looped (1:29)

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