Happy Life Kit

Happy Life Kit

Happy Life Kit - 1

Happy Life is a funny song with the perfect joyful feeling for your projects. It starts with an ukulele groove and claps, grows to a bass and percussion swing and ends on a full happy energy. This track was specially mixed for voiceover’s background, with a specific attenuation in the mid range.

We used the following instruments: ukulele, mandolin, grand piano, acoustic upright bass, vintage drums, strings, pad, glockenspiel, marimba, xylophone and percussion.

It’s a music kit, so you will receive a great collection with all separate parts to build your own sequence! This kit is based on my original Audiojungle track “Happy Life”:

The purchase includes:

  • 15 “no tails” song sections, trimmed on the beat to help you quickly arrange and snap together a guide track for your project.
  • 15 matching “tails” song sections, with natural audio endings for smooth transitions and a seamless final result.
  • 3 ready-to-use demo arrangements for extra convenience and inspiration (2:00, 0:45, 0:25).
  • GarageBand project file of the demo arrangements to help you get started.
  • Documentation explaining all the song sections of the kit

  • About Music Kits

    Music Kits are a uniquely flexible and ready-to-use music offering that provides fully produced, professional music in an easy to work with, modular way. They’re specifically designed so that you can work with them directly in your software or editing tool of choice, and in 3 simple steps quickly put together a complete piece of music that fits your project with smooth, edit-free transitions and clean, natural endings.

    How does it work?

    All Music Kits are made up of individual song sections (e.g. intro, verse, chorus, etc.) and include 2 matching sets of audio files:

  • One with tails (full natural endings)
  • And one without tails (trimmed on the beat)

  • “Tails” simply refers to the natural time it takes for the audio to die out after the final note in the song section is played. The “tails” song sections are what provide the seamless transitions and should be used in the final arrangement. The “no tails” song sections are provided to help you quickly and easily snap together and arrange a temp / guide track for your project – just like “musical Legos”! This is especially handy for editing software that does not support tempo grids or beat snapping. Once you’re happy with your guide track arrangement, you can simply swap out or line up the “tails” versions to the matching “no tails” sections to create the final seamless piece of music. Your project is now ready to go!


    01_Verse1 (0:12)

    Pattern with kick, claps, ukulele, mandolin, piano and melodies (whistle, block and xylophone).

    02_Verse2 (0:12)

    Bass and shaker start to play at this moment.

    03_Chorus1 (0:12)

    New percussion is added and xylophone does the melody.

    04_Chorus2 (0:12)

    Glockenspiel plays the melodies with xylophone in this pattern.

    05_Breakdown (0:12)

    A little breakdown with strings, bass and a solo piano. Mandolin, ukulele and claps at the end.

    06_Verse3 (0:12)

    A new bass groove in this part, and whistle returns.

    07_Verse4 (0:12)

    Glockenspiel plays the melody with xylophone and whistle.

    08_Chorus3 (0:12)

    This pattern has a tambourine playing in stereo, xylophone does the melody.

    09_Chorus4 (0:12)

    Same elements from Chorus3, with a little break at the end. Glockenspiel is added in the melody line again.

    10_Verse5 (0:12)

    An accordion joins the arrangement and a delicate snare starts to play with the other percussive elements.

    11_Verse6 (0:12)

    Same elements from Verse5 with chimes and reverses preparing the song’s end.

    12_End (0:02)

    Final chord with accordion, piano, ukulele, mandolin and bass.

    13_Intro1 (0:02)

    Reverse piano with mandolin chord.

    14_Intro2 (0:03)

    Reverses (piano, accordion and crashes) and mandolin chord.

    15_Intro3 (0:04)

    Reverses (piano, accordion, bass and crashes) and mandolin chord.

    Both WAV and MP3 versions of the track are included in the download package. Thank you so much for purchase!