Happy Kids Music Pack

Happy Kids Music Pack

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Children’s music pack with bright, fun, melodic tracks. Good for kids TV, advertisement, cartoon, marketing.

This tracks featuring ukulele, piano, claps, celesta, marimba, drums, bass. They can be described as beautiful, bouncy, celebratory, cute, festive, inspirational, kidding, kind, lively, lovely, optimistic, rhythmic, soulful, sunny, sweet.

Also, this pack is good for YouTube, background, childish games, collage, commercial projects, footage, infographic, presentation, slideshow and video about baby food, childrens, kids, birthday, celebration, family, fun, holiday.

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ZIP file contains:
  1. Happy Kids Music
    • Happy Kids Music (Full Version) [1:44]
    • Happy Kids Music (0-55) (Preview at 1:46)
    • Happy Kids Music (0-35) (Preview at 2:42)
    • Happy Kids Music (0-25) (Preview at 3:18)
    • Happy Kids Music (0-25) (Preview at 3:44)
  2. Children Playing
    • Children Playing (Full Version) [2:21] (Preview at 4:10)
    • Children Playing (0-52) (Preview at 6:33)
    • Children Playing (0-30) (Preview at 7:26)
  3. Funny Children
    • Funny Children (Full Version) [2:15] (Preview at 7:57)
    • Funny Children (0-28) (Preview at 10:13)
    • Funny Children (0-15) (Preview at 10:42)