Happy Indie Style Kit

Happy Indie Style Kit

This is optimistic melodies track. Use this track when your project requires a beautiful and positive them. Light and airy acoustic sound, perfect for narration over or on its own as an instrumental. Ideal for clips featuring animals, light hearted comedy, commercials and infomercials, college and business presentations and much more. Guaranteed to add a layer of pleasure to your multimedia project! Simple melodies make this track catchy. Good for voice over.

Based on my original AudioJungle item:

Used glockenspiel, marimba, piano, ukuleles, acoustic guitars, real human whistle, background vocal, bass, drums and percussion.

Wave files included in this KIT:

01_Intro01 (0:10) Based on Verse01, whistle added

02_Intro02 (0:10) Based on Verse01, vocal added

03_Verse02_Celesta (0:10) Theme 02 in celesta

04_Verse03_Celesta (0:10) Theme 03 in celesta

05_Verse02_Celesta_Vox (0:10) Theme 02 in celesta, vocal added

06_Verse03_Celesta_Vox_Whistle (0:10) Theme 03 in celesta, vocal and whistle added

07_Verse01_Lite_Guitar (0:10) Theme 01 in guitar

08_Verse01_Lite_Guitar_Vox (0:10) Theme 01 in guitar, vocal added

09_Verse01_Celesta_Guitar (0:10) Theme 01 in celesta and guitar

10_Verse01_Celesta_Guitar_Vox (0:10) Theme 01 in celesta and guitar, vocal added

11_Verse01_Celesta_Piano_Whistle (0:10) Theme 01 in celesta and piano, whistle added

12_Bridge01 (0:10) No theme

13_Bridge02_Vox (0:10) No theme, vocal added

14_Verse03_Marimba (0:10)Theme 03 in marimba

15_Verse03_Marimba_Whistle (0:10) Theme 03 in marimba, whistle added

16_Verse01_Celesta_NoBass (0:10) Theme 01 in celesta, no bass

17_Verse01_Celesta_NoBass_Vox (0:10) Theme 01 in celesta, no bass, vocal added

18_Verse01_Full (0:10) Theme 01 full arrangement

19_Verse01_Full_Vox_Whistle (0:10) Theme 01 full arrangement, vocal and whistle added

20_Outro (0:10) Based on Verse01

21_EndTone (0:05) End tone

Demo ready for use

Demo01_AllMainSections – 3:27

Demo02_Short – 1:46