Happy Funny Kids Ukulele Pack

Happy Funny Kids Ukulele Pack

“Happy Funny Kids Ukulele Pack”– is 3 tracks with a positive and happy mood which will be perfect for your media projects. Buy cheaper with packs!

1. Happy Ukulele – 3:54

in Preview 0:00 – 3:54

“Happy Ukulele” is very bright, light, positive, happy track. This track has all the proper element to make your projects optimistic and positive, fun and cheering. Perfect for advertising, marketing and promo background, tutorial, studying, explainer video on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, intro, outro, presentation, animation. Musical instruments: ukulele, bass, piano, drums, bells!

This track features 3 versions:

  • Full Version – 2:09
  • Short Version 1 – 1:02
  • Short Version 2 – 0:43
2. Upbeat Funny & Happy Kids – 2:01

in Preview 3:55 – 5:55

“Upbeat Funny & Happy Kids” is a Upbeat and energetic Ukulele track! Perfect for advertising, traveling, life-style, sports, commercials, slideshows, presentations, tutorials, cartoons and must more! Musical instruments: ukulele, bass, drums, piano, glock, bells!

3. Happy Funny & Kids Ukulele – 3:10

in Preview – 5:56 – 9:08

“Happy Funny & Kids Ukulele” Is a cheerful, funny, happy, bouncy and lighthearted track. Ukulele guitar and drums provide the drive for the track. Great for children, commercials, YouTube videos, corporate videos, children’s projects and more.

This Track Includes 3 Versions:
  • Full Version – 1:53
  • Short Version 1 – 0:49
  • Short Version 2 – 0:28
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