Happy Days

Happy Days

New year – new music.

Fresh, positive and very happy. Like one of this you can hear in tv adverts or commercials for … health insurance products or any thing make our life easy, happy and help us think positively. You could use it as background music for corporate presentations.

I’ve used some acoustic guitar, glockenspiel and even some folk banjo. You can hear also some nice bells / mallets and of course nice drums, bas, pads and very nice piano motif. This piece of music isn’t very long – only 1.52 because is not the slowest one either – 132 bpm.

If this one isn’t exactly what you are looking for try this similar track:
Happy New Day

You should also check my favourite: The Joy Of Happy Life

Before you decide not to buy any of above – check my portfolio:

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Nice and “soft” house style loop:
Take it easy

...and some drum and bass stuff:
media intro 1
media intro 2
media loop 1
media loop 2
media loop 3