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Happy Corporate Motivational Pack

Happy Corporate Motivational Pack

Upbeat, Uplifting, Positive, motivational corporate music pack. Music Like: Coldplay, U2. Perfect for corporate video, presentations, youtube video, backgrounds music or more. Pack includes 3 tracks:

1.Creativity (3:12)

Creativity (main) 3:12
Creativity (cut) 1:27
Creativity (loop) 0:34
Creativity (loop2) 0:34
Creativity (loop3) 1:09

2. Simple Things (2:19)

Simple Things (main) 2:19
Simple Things (logo) 0:13
Simple Things (loop) 0:52
Simple Things (loop2) 0:52
Simple Things (loop3) 1:44

3.Postivity (2:39)

Postivity (main) 2:39
Postivity (cut) 1:19
Postivity (loop) 0:31
Postivity (loop2) 0:31
Postivity (loop3) 0:31