Happy Clappy Whistler Swing Kit

Happy Clappy Whistler Swing Kit


Need An Injection of Fun in your project?

Happy Clappy Sunny Catchy Whistler Swing here

Funny, Upbeat, positive, Funky, Fresh and Fast electro swing track with comedy fun whistle and playful, lively, quirky eccentric retro uplifting vintage vinyl vibes like in silent movies.

Very suitable for comedy projects, cartoons tricks, kids commercials background, parody TV shows, burlesque Radio, mem youtube fails videos or any projects needing merry, trollface, festive and energetic mood, promotional video, as well as for fashion shows, family movies, slideshows, web sites and more.

Based on my original AudioJungle item: Happy Whistler Swing

You may create millions of variations with different duration, fill, mood, with and without WHISTLE like in Demo

  • Demo 1 Full (duration 2:04) (preview 00:00-02.04)
  • Demo 2 Commercial version (duration 0:52) (preview 02:04-02.56)
  • Demo 3 Alternative version (duration 0:28) (preview 02:56-03.24)

Electro Swing is a combination of Jazz, Swing, modern funk, and Electro Beats, Includes: Whistle, Piano, Guitar, Ukelele and Old and New

Drum Elements, xylophone, theremin, tuba, trumpet, trombone, horns, acoustic guitar, guiro, double upright bass, dance electric bass,

brushed drums, and cool pumping house groovy pop beat.

Song Sections Included

  • 01_Intro (0:08)
  • 02_Intro_ClapsBass (0:08)
  • 03_Intro_Beat (0:08)
  • 04_Main1 (0:08)
  • 05_Main1_NoMelody (0:08)
  • 06_Main2_Bone (0:08)
  • 07_Main3_Ride (0:08)
  • 08_Main3_NoMelody (0:08)
  • 09_Main4_Guitar (0:08)
  • 10_Main4_JustGuitarMelody (0:08)
  • 11_Main4_Guitar (0:08)
  • 12_Bridge1 (0:08)
  • 13_Bridge2_Breaks (0:08)
  • 14_Outro1 (0:08)
  • 15_Outro2 (0:08)
  • 16_Outro3 (0:08)
  • 17_End (0:04)