Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

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A Theme that brings out the Christmas spirit! Driving, bright and full of happiness, this lovely acoustic song will make a difference in any project this holiday season. It was carefully tailored to be a real joy to family and kids and its catchy, easy listening melody will surely stick on everyone’s ear.

A great choice for Christmas sales and shopping advertising, toys, jewelery and clothing gifts, Internet ads, Christmas Eve parties, Youtube and Vimeo movies, and a lot more…

Instruments: Piano, Strings, Clarinet, Sleigh Bells, Percussion, Bass

5 VERSIONS included for a greater flexibility (WAV and MP3):

Version A: 2:10 (full version)

Version B: 1:30 (preview at 2:10)

Version C: 1:00 (preview at 3:41)

Version D: 0:30 Commercial / Advert (preview at 4:44)

Version E: 0:45 Loop Version (loops seamlessly, not in preview)

3 short versions of this track can be found here:
Happy Christmas Opener Bumper Stinger

Happy Christmas - 5

Happy Christmas - 6

Original music composed specifically to fit your project is a powerful storytelling aid. We’re willing to compose music tailored to any brief, as well as applying changes to existing tracks in our portfolio to better suit your needs. Please do not hesitate to get in touch, we’ll be glad to help.

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