Happy Cheerful Music Pack

Happy Cheerful Music Pack

Happy Cheerful Background Music Pack


Happy Cheerful Background Music Pack – that’s a new pack of greatest bestsellers songs and newest happy, cheerful, upbeat, positive compositions.
It contains music that will make your video project absolutely cool and successful because that’s what this music sound like.
And music sounds very cheerful, happy, motivational, upbeat, inspirational, fun, positive, optimistic, joyful and playful.
This pack will be awesome for any kind of corporate and other production because each song has unique feel, melody and mood.
Don’t miss a chance to make your project SHINE!

Songs in the pack:
1. Happy mark 0:00 (duration – 2:44)
2. Cheerful and Inspiring Background mark 2:44 (duration – 2:10)
3. Inspiring and Motivational Corporate mark 4:54 (2 VERSIONS, duration – 2:10 for each of them)
4. Happy Upbeat Acoustic Background mark 9:40 (duration – 2:19)
5. Inspiring and Successful Corporate Technology mark 11:59 (duration – 2:20)
6. Happy and Fun mark 14:20 (duration – 2:22)
7. Positive and Fun mark 16:42 (duration – 2:21)

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Can be used in: advertising, summer videos, commercial, music for children, presentation, backgrounds, applications, motivational videos, inspiring videos, viral marketing, films and radio, family videos, corporate projects, happy slideshows, cheerful and fun Youtube videos, and much more projects that need positive mood, happy feelings and smiles.

Instruments used: ukulele, bells, glockenspiel, piano, whistling, drums, bass, tambourine, violin, percussion, claps, clapping, body percussion.

Mood: fun, uplifting, hopeful, beautiful, winning, encouraging, positive, cheerful, upbeat, soft, inspiring, inspirational. motivating, motivational, optimistic, bright, light, joyful, energetic, fresh, playful, bouncy sunny, summer mood, catchy, successful.

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