Happy Charango Advertising

Happy Charango Advertising

Are you tired of the boring sound of ukulele?? Then try a new sound!! In this track I used a small Peruvian guitar called Charango. It has 10 strings, it has a sound that may be similar to an ukulele but yet with a different character and a bit different from a “real” ukulele.
I made a very happy, upbeat, carefree, optimistic and uplifting easy listening tune, with a mallet as a main driver of a catchy melody. The song is arranged with bass, guitar, percussions and drums. It will for sure make your audience smile and will make people happy.

It is ideal for advertising and for short presentation videos, for example for products or marketing ideas.

After a short intro, the main theme is presented and then developed and arranged. This song will make you dance with happiness and will make your day. It will work with any happy video and will make people smile. It will be great to motivate people, encourage, have fun and also for advertisement.

It will be a good track to use if you want to capture todays modern and popular trend of using upbeat ukulele music heard in many of todays pop songs and tv commercial ads, but yet do you want something more original and personal.

All is played live for a fresh sound and mood

There are different versions included in the zip file:

Main version (0:00 – 0:58)
Minimal version (0:58 – 2:02) – wihtout drums and main arrangement
30 seconds cut version (2:02 – 2:38) – ideal for advertise!
loop version (2:38 – 3:42)

The song was used in the videohive item “Clay Frame Slides” made by clayanimator

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