Happy Birthday To Ya

Happy Birthday To Ya

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2 Versions, with and without Vocals

Get ready for the funkiest birthday ever! “Happy Birthday to Ya” is a birthday jam, packed full of energy, get up and party vibes, and funky bass lines perfect for fun filled selfies, birthday celebration snapshots and any birthday party related videos that have life, youthfulness and energy.


0:00 – 3:31 With Vocals 3:31 – 7:02 Without Vocals

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Happy Happy Birthday to ya ,
now come on, (come on)
It’s our declaration,
Happy Happy Birthday to ya,
Now come on, (come on)
It’s a celebration

Verse 1

Let’s turn the music up,
Haven’t you heard the news?
That there’s a party starting
And its all for you

Your friends and family
Are here to celebrate,
And now its time to get down,
Cause it’s your Birthday,

Verse 2

So get your best threads on,
And your dancing shoes,
You know we gonna paint the town,
And we gonna kick those blues,

And everywhere we go,
There will be no mistake,
And everyone will know,
That it’s your Birthday!


Verse 3

We’re gonna shout it out,
It’s time to give a cheer,
And help make this occasion,
The party of the year,

No time to hesitate,
We wanna celebrate
And let you know how much you mean,
Cause its your birthday

Verse 2

B to the I to the R,
to the T to the H to the D A Y!