Happy Acoustic Pack

Happy Acoustic Pack

This is a pack of 5 songs that have a highly positive, happy theme. All are driven by acoustic instruments and have a slightly nostalgic feel.

Laughing Aloud

LaughingAloud_Ending.wav (2:08)

Happy Golden Days

HappyGoldenDays_Ending.WAV: (2:14) HappyGoldenDays_Loop.WAV: (2:07)

Bright Heart

BrightHeart_Ending.WAV (1:13) BrightHeart_Loop.WAV (1:08)

Foot Stomping Fun

FootStompingFun_112BPM_Ending.wav: (1:14)

Fun Times

FunTimes_Ending_112BPM.wav (1:33)

Laughing Aloud:

This bright and cheery song is just the right clapping ukulele song for any video production that needs an upbeat, optimistic, informal feel! Driven by a strummed ukulele and a simple whistle melody, this song drives all the way through, picking up a little around the middle to give it a chipper, bouncy feel. Yes, whistles, ukulele, hand claps – all the best elements are included!

Happy Golden Days:

A loving and mellow but driving tune driven by acoustic guitar and ukulele with some light pianos, pads and percussion, this track evokes nostalgia and memories of old times. It kind of reminds me of grandparents on vacation in some sunny place that they visited long long ago.

Bright Heart:

This track features a pair of acoustic guitars lightly finger picking a sweet, simple optimistic melody accompanied by a piano, electric piano, glockenspiel and a shaker. Driving and happy, but quite folksy at the same time, this song is positive and childlike.

Foot Stomping Fun:

This song starts out with a couple of steel string guitars fingerpicking away to a medium paced two step. In the second half of the song a barroom piano and a picked ukulele join in to pick up the pace. Folksy and down home, this song is positive and optimistic in a woodsy sort of way.

Fun Times:

Driven by a strummed ukulele and an acoustic guitar, and backed by piano and a driving train rhythm, this song has an old time summery feeling that will put a smile on your face! Mellow yet moderately paced, bluesy vocal ooos are added to give it a more human organic feel. This track evokes images of playing on the beach in the sun, maybe filmed in Super 8.