Happy Acoustic Fun Kit

Happy Acoustic Fun Kit

Happy Acoustic Fun Kit

MUSIC KIT description

New Happy Latin character fun item with exceptional Puerto Rican, Afro-Cuban folk music rhythms and orchestral elements.! Based on original AudioJungle item by Melodrama: “Happy Acoustic Summer Fun”.

Happy, cheerful track is the best solution for your incredible trip stories, travel inspiration vlogs, fun party videos, children’s shows, educational videos for kids, cartoons and more. Featuring whistling melody, ukulele, acoustic guitar and glockenspiel, this positive piece of music will make your holidays video projects amazing!

All of the sections from my original “Happy Acoustic Summer Fun” are included in this music kit.

Sections included in Happy Acoustic Kit

  • 01_VerseA (0:03) Light whistle melody introduction
  • 02_VerseB (0:13) Builds on VerseA with additional Afro-Cuban percussion
  • 03_VerseC (0:13) Opening first half glockenspiel solo and bass
  • 04_VerseD (0:13) Builds on VerseC with second half of glockenspiel solo phrase
  • 05_ChorusA (0:13) Chorus builds on Verse with additional bass and percussion
  • 06_Bridge (0:13) Bridge section which introduces strings
  • 07_ChorusB (0:13) Builds on ChorusA section with strings
  • 08_ChorusC (0:13) Chorus with whistle melody, strings and Puerto Rican rhythms percussion.
  • 09_ChorusD (0:13) Full chorus with whistle melody, percussion and staccato strings phrase
  • 10_OutroA (0:10) Guitar and percussion ending outro
  • 11_OutroB (0:03) Short ending outro.
Demo tracks were made using the following song sections:

Demo_01 (1:40) 07-03-04-09-08-06-05-11

Demo_02 (1:10) 02-07-06-08-10-11

Demo_03 (1:00) 06-01-02-05-11

All the high quality 16-Bit Stereo, 44.1 kHz WAV files of three (unwatermarked) demos and documentation containing description and instructions are included within the zip file you will download.

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