Happiness Is Where You Are Kit

Happiness Is Where You Are Kit

A MUSIC KIT, based on original AudioJungle composition Happiness Is Where You Are.

‘Happiness Is Where You Are Kit’ is an energetic, catchy and driving music with uplifting and motivational mood in the style of dance, indie pop, dance. Here You have all for affecting potential listeners. Catchy melody and chords played with guitar and synths to grow the piece from soft to an bouncy and exciting climax. Sound spectrum with cool sounds generate commercial effect. Upbeat drums creates confident sound and feel of happiness. This is a sunny beam for your project!

Perfect for teenagers, celebration, summer holidays, marketing, advertising and vlog. If you want to surprise your audience – this is the right music. They will be delighted.

Looking for an fresh and bright music? – You just fount it! Enjoy this exclusive track!

What’s Inside:

Demo Tracks:
Demo_01 (2:32)
Demo_02 (1:04)
Demo_03 (0:31)

Adobe Audition project files of the demo arrangements to help you get started.

Song Sections:
01_Intro (0:02)
02_Verse1Part1 (0:08)
03_Verse1Part2 (0:08)
04_PreChorus1Part1 (0:08)
05_PreChorus1Part2 (0:08)
06_ChorusPart1 (0:16)
07_ChorusPart1_NoPerc (0:16)
08_ChorusPart1_NoSolo (0:16)
09_ChorusPart1_NoSoloAndPerc (0:16)
10_ChorusPart2 (0:16)
11_ChorusPart2_NoPerc (0:16)
12_ChorusPart2_NoSolo (0:16)
13_ChorusPart2_NoSoloAndPerc (0:16)
14_Verse2 (0:16)
15_PreChorus2Part1 (0:08)
16_PreChorus2Part2 (0:08)
17_End (0:06)
18_End_NoSynth (0:06)
19_EXTRA_ShortIntro (0:01)