Halloween Sound Pack

Halloween Sound Pack

A collection of sound effect for Halloween!

Nineteen samples with a nice stereo effect!

For special efx in youtube presentations, games, app, advertising etc.

The sound package includes:

01-Suspense Chimes-rev-efx (0:09)

01-Suspense Chimes (0:08)

02-Creepy Wind (0:23)

03-Footsteps on Wooden Floor-efx (0:14)

04-Footsteps on Creaking wf (0:12)

05-Creaking Wood Floor 2 (0:02)

05-Creaking Wood Floor (0:02)

06-Creepy Footsteps (0:17)

07-Creepy breath (0:06)

08-Knocking on Metal Door (0:09)

09-Metal Chains Dragged-efx (0:08)

09-Metal Chains Dragged (0:02)

10-Chime Bells-efx (0:13)

11-Chime Bells-rev (0:17)

12-Rattle Metal Stick-efx (0:09)

12-Rattle Metal Stick (0:06)

13-Creepy bells (0:14)

14-Metal Gong-type 01 (0:09)

15-Metal Stick Hit-type 1 (0:08)

16-Metal Stick Hit-type 2-efx (0:09)

17-Suspense Chimes 2-rev-efx (0:07)

17-Suspense Chimes 2 (0:05)

18-Creepy bells-rev (0:08)

19-Bells Accent type 1 (0:15)

Take a look in my portfolio for other scary samples!

Both WAV and MP3 versions of the samples are included in the download package.

Thanks, Davide.