Halloween Pack Vol. 1

Halloween Pack Vol. 1

‘Halloween Pack Vol. 1’ is a collection of mysterious and fun tracks ideal for Halloween or a fairytale feel.

1. Spooky Flutes (4 versions)
‘Spooky Flutes’ is a mysterious waltz track with melodic flutes, plucked strings and twinkly celesta. A delicate fairytale feel makes this track ideal for Halloween or Christmas applications. Perfect as a backdrop to children’s productions, games, commercials and animations.

Included with the main version is a medium length version, a short version and a looped version;

Spooky Flutes (2:03)
Spooky Flutes – Medium (1:00)
Spooky Flutes – Short (0:30)
Spooky Flutes – Looped (2:00)

2. Eerie Waltz (1 version)
An eerie, suspenseful waltz ideal for creepy characters or to create a sinister atmosphere. Melodic piano lead with cello, strings, percussion, oboes and clarinets.

Eerie Waltz (2:18)

3. Haunting Piano (4 versions)
‘Haunting Piano’ is a delicate track with a mysterious, fantasy feel. Beginning with solo piano, it builds into an orchestra crescendo with strings, woodwind and twinkly celesta. Ideal for Halloween, Christmas or any project that needs a fairytale feel.

Included with the main version are two short versions; one solo piano and one orchestral, plus a looped solo piano version;

Haunting Piano (1:07)
Haunting Piano – Short Piano Solo (0:30)
Haunting Piano – Short Orchestral (0:30)
Haunting Piano – Looped (0:37)

4. Nightmare Trailer (1 version)
‘Nightmare Trailer’ is a perfect trailer for Halloween or cheesy horror projects. Lead by a haunting, singing Theremin, this track features a powerful Pipe Organ, dynamic strings, and orchestral percussion. A build up and dramatic climax makes this ideal for commercials, trailers and intros.

Nightmare Trailer (0:30)

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