Halloween Monster Super Pack

Halloween Monster Super Pack

Halloween Monster Super Pack

‘Halloween Monster Super Pack’ represents excellent value for money, featuring my ultimate collection of Halloween tracks. With plenty of variety, this pack includes music for high energy trailers, fun and playful styles, and eerily haunting piano tracks. Great for Halloween trailers, games, animations and children’s productions.

1. Nightmare Trailer (1 version)
‘Nightmare Trailer’ is a perfect trailer for Halloween or cheesy horror projects. Lead by a haunting, singing Theremin, this track features a powerful Pipe Organ, dynamic strings, and orchestral percussion. A build up and dramatic climax makes this ideal for commercials, trailers and intros.

Nightmare Trailer (0:30)

2. Skeleton’s Parade (3 versions)
‘Skeleton’s Parade’ is a fun and lively marching band-style track, ideal for Halloween and spooky kid’s productions. It features various woodwind instruments, percussion and strings. Perfect for intros, trailers and commercials.

Included with the main version is a short version and a looped version;

Skeleton’s Parade (1:00)
Skeleton’s Parade – Short (0:30)
Skeleton’s Parade – Looped (0:35)

3. Spooky Flutes (4 versions)
‘Spooky Flutes’ is a mysterious waltz track with melodic flutes, plucked strings and twinkly celesta. A delicate fairytale feel makes this track ideal for Halloween or Christmas applications. Perfect as a backdrop to children’s productions, games, commercials and animations.

Included with the main version is a medium length version, a short version and a looped version;

Spooky Flutes (2:03)
Spooky Flutes – Medium (1:00)
Spooky Flutes – Short (0:30)
Spooky Flutes – Looped (2:00)

4. Creepy Trailer (2 versions)
‘Creepy Trailer’ is an atmospheric, orchestral trailer for Halloween. Styled on “In The Hall of the Mountain King”, this track features orchestral strings, bassoon, flutes and oboe, as well as a spooky Theremin. Ideal for cheesy Horror, Halloween and kids productions.

Included with the main version is a short version;

Creepy Trailer (1:00)
Creepy Trailer – Short (0:30)

5. Mysterious Piano (2 versions)
‘Mysterious Piano’ is a haunting and melodic piano track, ideal for Halloween trailers and commercials. It features woodwind, plucked strings and a beautiful upright piano.

Included with the main version is a short version;

Mysterious Piano (1:00)
Mysterious Piano – Short (0:30)

6. Haunting Piano (4 versions)
‘Haunting Piano’ is a delicate track with a mysterious, fantasy feel. Beginning with solo piano, it builds into an orchestra crescendo with strings, woodwind and twinkly celesta. Ideal for Halloween, Christmas or any project that needs a fairytale feel.

Included with the main version are two short versions; one solo piano and one orchestral, plus a looped solo piano version;

Haunting Piano (1:07)
Haunting Piano – Short Piano Solo (0:30)
Haunting Piano – Short Orchestral (0:30)
Haunting Piano – Looped (0:37)

7. Eerie Waltz (1 version)
An eerie, suspenseful waltz ideal for creepy characters or to create a sinister atmosphere. Melodic piano lead with cello, strings, percussion, oboes and clarinets.

Eerie Waltz (2:18)

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Halloween Monster Super Pack

This pack is ideal for; Halloween trailers, Halloween adverts, Halloween commercials, Halloween kid’s productions, Halloween games, Halloween animations, Halloween intros, Halloween podcasts, Halloween documentaries, Halloween incidental music, Halloween shop atmosphere, Halloween movies, Halloween TV, Halloween radio, Halloween stings, Halloween logos, Halloween idents, Halloween parties, Halloween news, Halloween craft tutorials, Halloween cooking shows, Halloween corporate projects.. anything Halloween!!