Halloween Intro Logo Pack

Halloween Intro Logo Pack

This Halloween Intro Pack consists of 3 atmospheric, spooky and creepy halloween logos. These orchestral, holiday openers with strings, brass section and choir will create the right mood in your video, ad or podcast.

Use this pack for Halloween videos, adverts, marketing, cartoons, video games, mobile gaming, TV shows, YouTube vlogs, podcasts and more!

Use it to build up your own brand or YouTube channel!

Tracks Included to the Pack:

1. A Halloween

A Halloween is a misterious “holiday” music made for Halloween special projects. It creates a creepy and at the same time funny atmopshere like that of “Addams Family” or a Dracula’s castle.

It’s a spooky music that will be a perfect match to any Halloween video, such as: holiday commercials, game videos, games and cartoones, trailers, videogame presentations, animated films, YouTube openers, intros, Radio shows, TV advertising and more!

Versions Included:
1. A Halloween – 0:20.
2. A Halloween Alternative Ending – 0:20.
3. A Halloween Short – 0:12.
4. A Halloween Short 2 – 0:12.
5. A Halloween Short 3 – 0:12.

2. Halloween Intro

Halloween Intro is a funny halloween music. It creates a spooky atmopshere of a “haunted house’ filled with ghosts and zombies. It’s a great song for any halloween projects.

Versions Included:
1. Halloween Intro – 0:18.
2. Halloween Intro With Organ – 0:18.
3. Halloween Intro Short – 0:11.
4. Halloween Intro Short 2 – 0:11.
5. Halloween Intro Loop – 0:14.

3. Mystery Ident

Mystery is a misterious “halloween” music that will make your holiday projects even better. It creates a funny and at the same time spooky “haunted” atmopshere.

5 Versions Included:
1. Mystery – 0:26.
2. Mystery 2 – 0:26.
3. Mystery Short – 0:16.
4. Mystery Short 2 – 0:16.
5. Mystery Short 3 – 0:16.

Information for buyers:
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